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We’re Invested In Your Success

People enter into the world of real estate investing for a wide variety of different reasons. Generally speaking, most people are attracted to the notion of creating a passive income stream. Once you purchase the house, fix it up and find someone to fill it, many people assume that very little work is required on their part beyond sitting back and collecting monthly rent checks.

Handshake of businesspeopleWhat people don’t realize, however, is just how time intensive it can really be. If a water pipe bursts in the home at 2:00 AM, you’re legally responsible to fix it as soon as possible as the homeowner. If the tenant suddenly stops paying rent, you need to find out why before that delay costs you additional money. These types of responsibilities quickly add up and can easily become frustrating for some.

When you partner with Alaska Real Estate, LLC, you’re getting into business with a company that is more than happy to take some of those responsibilities off of your shoulders. We’ll handle tenant placement, rent collections, maintenance requests and more so that you don’t have to.