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Our Team

TerriTerri Crawford, Licensed Agent

Office Phone: 907-222-4601
Office Fax: 907-770-0344

I’m Terri Crawford and I’ve been in and around Alaska real estate for a decade.  In real estate, I meet new friends.  When I represent owners of apartments, I treat them and thier tenants with the same respect and care that I treat our own tenants.

We are investors in apartments too and are constantly in the market so we’re always updating our research to present the latest in market news to our clients.

Alaska is unique in that we virtually missed the massive real estate recession in the rest of the country.  Our market is stable.  Our rental market is squeezed since new constuction has not kept pace with demand. Call me if you want to have full apartments with no work on your part.

Our portfolio is run with zero vacancies and zero delinquencies, just like your property should be run.  What I love to see is young folks investing in their future.  We know how to maximize your capabilities and make your investments quite profitable.

J. CrawfordJimmy Crawford, Office Manager & Licensee

Cell Phone: 907-301-7039

I am the Office Manager & Licensee here at Alaska Real Estate LLC, working hard to keep the details taken care of and everything running smoothly. I have experience in property maintenance, renovation, landscaping and friendly customer service. I look forward to providing you with the best possible service.


JimJim Crawford, Broker

Cell Phone: (907) 301-7788

I’m Jim Crawford and I am a dedicated and successful real estate professional in Anchorage. My personal goal is to simplify the process of renting, buying and selling real estate, and to satisfy everyone’s needs to the best of my ability. I specialize in duplexes, fourplexes and 5+ multifamily properties.  Multifamily housing is a great buy today in our stable and growing Anchorage market.

I have experience in banking, property management and development and a proven track record of success by building the success of my clients.  Those are factors you can count on when working with me. I use the latest technology to understand the current market and to make the connections necessary for our success.

For owners, I get top rents for your properties and maintain it cost effectively.  If you are in trouble on your mortgage, I work out those problems.  I turn properties around that are losing money.  Using our experience, we beat the average market rents and pass the expenses to our tenants.  We have happy tenants since we deal with them with respect and we get repairs done now, not later.  Once full, your properties under our management will outshine comparable properties.

For buyers, we show you how to buy, most times with the seller paying your closing costs.  We know the financing programs necessary to get you into a home.  We have the services of a great team of credit repair specialists just in case your credit score blocks you.  We unlock your opportunities to buy your dream home.

For sellers, we get top dollar for your property in good time by knowing the market and making it easier for buyers to buy.  Call me for a Comparative Market Analysis.

Please enjoy our website. It is just one of the many successful tools we use to assist our clients in marketing their real estate.

  • Full time agent since 1990.
  • Twice President of the Better Business Bureau of Alaska
  • Read my newspaper column
  • Graduate of the MBAA School of Mortgage Banking.
  • Specialist in commercial and multifamily properties
  • Investor who wears owners eyes when managing your property.
  • Alumnae of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks campus
  • Former two term member of the Anchorage Planning and Zoning Commission.